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SA Classics - bankrupt!

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The largest UK Lambo specialist has gone bankrupt.

Apparently they only owned about 3 of their cars, the rest on SOR.

Not sure why they went bankrupt but a lot of rumours about...
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Yes I saw an advert in a UK national newspaper asking for tenders for the 3 cars - 2 Gallardos and a Ferrari - might be a chance for a bargain Lambo for someone!
Oh **** that explains a lot. I recently purchased my Countach from them and had been trying to get in touch with them by email/phone for a month, to get a few things sorted out. I finally sent them a recorded delivery letter which was returned to me marked "Gone Away".

I guess I'm on my own now, then. Arse. :mad: What completely awful timing. Oh well I'll have to drop the car in at Carrera Sport to get those things sorted out at my own expense, unless I can convince my warranty cover to cough up. At least they're only minor points, but SA did do me out of a Lambo toolkit, worth around £1,500. Bummer. :(
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