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Renown R70 rear bumper pre-sale

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The R70 Rear Bumper Preview Sale:

A lottery for three spots will be drawn Wednesday, June 13 at 10AM PST
The preview sale is a heavily discounted sale for three individuals that will have the opportunity to pre-purchase the R70 rear bumper at prices below the upcoming group buy rate.

If you haven't signed up for the newsletter, now is the time to do so. This offer will only go out to newsletter subscribers. Click this link to sign up for the newsletter. Newsletter

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Those look great!

Now please get a lotto going for discounts on the LED upgrade kit. :)

BTW Ray the newsletter signup kicks back with an error if anything is put into the "Model" field. Seems it is expecting a URL syntax? Just FYI
Thanks, i haven't been able to duplicate it. I'll look into. I did get your subscription though.
Lottery Details will be sent out June 11 at 11:30AM PST
Ray, just for future reference, what all does your kit include? Is it rear bumper cover, rear diffuser, and new exhaust tips? I'm guessing it's nothing related to the tail light conversion? Either way, I need to put a new diffuser on the ECT shop Gallardo soon and may just swap to this whole setup. I'm just curious what all it comes with. I like how the tips look with the diffuser.
Hey Bary,

It includes a rear bumper, a rear diffuser and a mesh grill. Tips are optional as is the OEM grill.

The tail lights are a separate thing. I'll announce the launch at a later date.
Check your email Ray!
Drawing is tomorrow at 10AM. If you haven't signed up yet, you could be missing out. Right now there is a total of 20 people on the lottery list.

Also this is not available to shops.



I'm picking the three individuals in 1 hr!
The names have been picked, but as were finding out it's still changing. Everyone has just been bumped up a spot.

What material is your rear bumper made from?

The rear grill that's fitted to your car is an original Lambo part? If yes then do you have a picture or even a description of the Renown rear grill?

The rear bumper is FRP composite made with a heat resistant resin. That is the OEM grill on the car. i don't have an image of it right now. It's a fiberglass frame grill with mesh on the inside.
The rear bumper is FRP composite made with a heat resistant resin.
How does it differ from fiberglass? or does it?
FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic. I'll send you a PM
Loving the rear conversion.
I have the front bumper currently and quality and fitment is as perfect as can be.

When do you expect to a have price out on the rear tail light conversion Ray?

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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