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I'm proud to finally announce our carbon fiber trim package for the Aventador. All of our carbon fiber is Pre-Preg, epoxy resin Carbon Fiber and is cured in an autoclave. We also clear 3 layers of PPG UV protective clear coat to combat damaging UV rays.

What is Autoclave and what's great about Pre-preg? An autoclave is a pressure cooker that cures the Pre-impregnated carbon fiber with resin. The costs involved are very high, which is why it is usually only found in aerospace and in race cars. It is advantageous because it has an exact resin:composite ratio which results in thin, lightweight, yet strong parts.

The Pre-Preg resin has an active catalyst in the resin and is kept in a frozen state until it is ready to lay up. Our carbon fiber is cut with a water jet to ensure clean seam lines and We use multiple layers of carbon fiber laid up in different angles to ensure that a part does not warp.

Our molds are highly prepped and feature an A class, mirror finish that reflects onto the finished part. Prior to laying up each part, a cross coat of 6 layers of special wax are applied.

You can be assured that quality has kept to some of the highest standards as found in aerospace and race carbon fiber. Our team of craftsmen have experience in working with government aerospace projects including the B2, the Space Shuttle, drones and other specialized aerospace projects.

Our package consists of a complete replacement of the plastic exterior pieces and we also offer our line of forged monoblock wheels included with the package price (*ordered direct to Renown).

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