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renown CF parts out of the box.

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I've finally gotten around to taking some photos of the product out of the box. Some of you had wanted to see the carbon fiber work and as promised here they are. Pay attention to the sharp edges and corners of the parts. Corners are complicated to get the carbon fiber to lay correctly as it has a tendency to spring back and lose its straightness.

All of my carbon fiber is now epoxy based Pre-Preg and Autoclave cured.

For those that are not familiar with this carbon fiber process, I have explained the method briefly here:

This is an expensive time consuming process that is used by aerospace and by F1. The carbon fiber is pre-impregnated with a catalyzed epoxy resin and is kept in a frozen state until it is used, (unfortunately the material does have a shelf life and it's five times more expensive than raw cloth, not to mention the electricity costs of running a freezer.) Once the carbon fiber is defrosted there is a limited amount of time to start layering it onto the mold. Each ply of carbon fiber is laid out at different angles to prevent the part from warping. The part is then vacuum bagged to compress the carbon fiber plys and is hooked up with probes and sent into the autoclave, where it is pressure cooked and cures.

The part is then removed from the autoclave, de-bagged, inspected, sanded down along the edges, trimmed, polished and three coats of clear coat are applied. We do use a UV additive to prevent the resin from deteriorating in the sun.

Enough about the process. Here are some photos of the carbon fiber parts that you get when ordering from me.

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Dude, that's art. They look too pretty to install.
Ray, you're the man bro !! Incredible stuff, quality and super service !! Congrats and keep up the good work !!
SWEET! are you working in the side skirts too? Do you do this in house?
yes i have the side skirts. No, I wish I could afford an Autoclave and the Freezer costs! I work with companies that are in the aerospace industry.
Skirts, polishings....

Since when can I see Lambo porn at work?!

Beautiful pieces Ray.
Ray, would you be so kind to send me a PM with the price of the diffuser?

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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