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on university avenue in saint paul in front of porkys, on saturday the 18th, at apporx. 10:15 pm, there was a red lamborghini diablo roadster vt that passed by and literally stopped traffic. this car in this color has been my dream car since lamborghini introduced the roadster 11 years ago and last night was my dream come true seeing one driving, in person.

the problem is, i didnt happen to get my camera out quick enough and the driver showed the crowd what the power of the v-12 could do and sped off down the street and never came back.

the serial i believe, according to is VLA12725 as that is the only one listed in MN, st paul to be exact and the colors listed match the one i saw.

if ANYONE knows the driver, or knows anyone with pics of this car or has pics themselves or can SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY get me a pic, i would be willing to pay good money for a copy.

thanks in advance for any leads!

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