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Hello everyone! We wanted to share with you one of our recent builds we have completed. Recently, we had a customer purchase a used GT-R from us. He hasn’t even driven the car and wants to add more power! We suggested that he add the AMS Alpha9 Performance Package to his newly purchased GT-R. Without hesitation, he agreed and we began the tear down process. The customer will be bringing the GT-R back to us within a few months to perform more upgrades to maximize the potential this Alpha 9 Package has. Below we have listed the benefits and potential (with supporting mods) this package could achieve.

  • Better performance than any supercar available
  • Capable of Over 205mph in the standing mile
  • Reliable 500+ horsepower increase over stock
  • OEM-like fit and finish
  • 115% gain in horsepower with stock-like drivability
  • 9 second quarter mile achievable on pump gas

Modifications for this build include:
  • Alpha 90mm Downpipes
  • Alpha 90mm Mid-pipe
  • Alpha 9 Billet Wheel Upgraded Turbochargers
  • Alpha Spec Wastegate Actuators
  • ETS Street front mount intercooler
  • Alpha Induction Kit with Go Fast Bits
  • Cobb AccessPORT Tuning System
  • ID1000 Injectors Twin Walbro 225 Fuel Pumps
  • Custom Dyno Tune

The first step in this process includes removal of the engine. A lot of man hours goes into the removal of the engine.

After the engine has been removed from the vehicle, it is time to take off the factory turbos and hard lines.

Once these were removed, we proceeded to install all of the supplied AMS lines and accessories onto the new Alpha9 turbos.

Next, we installed the fully assembled Alpha9 turbos and verified clocking.

Now that everything is installed and clocked properly, we had to make sure that the waste gate actuators are properly synced.

We then proceeded to install the turbo inlet and outlet piping.

With everything being installed on the engine and tested, it’s time to mount the engine back into the chassis and upload a base map tune. After everything was up and running a custom dyno tune was performed to get the most out of all the upgrades we just completed to this GT-R.

Here are the final dyno tune results!

Check out some more images of the build process and final images of the GT-R ready for delivery to its new owner!

Feel free to call, email or stop by our facility anytime! We would love to hear from you soon.
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