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Just curious to get everyone’s thoughts. Here’s mine:

1. VINwiki
2. SuperCar Blondie
3. DragTimes
4. Harry’s Garage
5. Carwow

I try to steer clear from those just showing off how they spend their YouTube money.

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1) Memoirs of WWII
2) Jay Leno’s garage
3) Doug DeMuro
4) Goonzquad
5) Dragtimes

I used to really like B is for Build but I feel like his builds are just out there now. I loved VINwiki but lately they have had titles bashing cops when I don’t feel they should be bashed. SummitLife has good content. I love how Real Life Exotics builds cars but he is hard to listen to. Ratarossa is cool (for a ferrari guy) lol…. Tavarish tries too hard to be funny. As a veteran, Gung Ho Vids always has awesome videos. Lastly, got to love hickok45! Yes, I have an issue with Youtube….
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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