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It's not too often we get to tame a bull at the shop. Last week, we had a Verde Scandal, Lamborghini Huracan come in wanting some XPEL paint protection film services completed. To protect the full front end, we used XPEL Ultimate self healing film for maximum protection. While we had the Lamborghini in our shop, we noticed a few scratches on the roof. We mentioned these to the customer and he wanted us to go ahead and take care of them for him.

The first step in the process was to wash off the car and prep it for its polish!

Now that the car has been cleaned and prepped, it is time to knock out those problem areas on the paint we mentioned earlier.
Here are a few before images of the areas that need some attention from our detail department.

We finished polishing the rest of the car to give it a glossy finish before we applied the XPEL Ultimate paint protection film.
Check out the aftermath of our polishing efforts on the scratched areas on the roof.

Now we move the car into our paint protection installation booth. This booth we have is perfect for installing XPEL film. We have great lighting, an enclosed area to keep debris away from the film and all of the necessary tools to install the film all in one area.

This Lamborghini got our Ultimate Package which includes the full front end (front bumper, headlights, full hood, side mirrors and full fenders). The customer also wanted his rocker panels protected in XPEL.

Enjoy these final images of this beautiful Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4 in Verde Scandal!

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