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Quicksilver fitted to C/T

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Video added
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I have the mpeg file but it does not seem to want to upload, help !!
JRV, No message,just when I tell it to upload, it looks as though it is wroking then comes back after 5 mins saying page not found. I will try again now
did it again, said uploading files then said page not available
Hi JRV, it is 3.5MB. I could just e mail it to you if it is easier
forgot to say, can you send your e mail across, Thanks Terry
Thank goodness It was not just me, yes the roads around here in the countryside are always like that. I had a really good day out both Saturday and Sunday.
It helps when the sun is shinning too
Here's the video

Same thing at different quality
James, my brother in law in Uk managed to get it up here
1 - 12 of 19 Posts
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