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Question on exhaust vacuum mod

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Hi all,
I have a 2007 Gallardo Spyder which did the exhaust vacuum pipe mod. I have seen the banks 1-5 and 6-10 error which I cleared with OBD tool.

many question is will this mod cause any actually issues for any of the cats and engine components or it is safe to do it ?

specially as the bangs and pops has increased, are the Cats at any risk ?
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Now I'm no expert, but based on the hours of research I did to find out everything I could before doing this mod, I would assume it has little to no affect on them. I haven't read or found any posts on Catalyst failure with exhaust flaps to blame. After all, the stock setup bypasses the muffler above 3500 Rpm. Was that to prolong Cat life?.... no, it was to improve bottom end torque. Plus, look at all the cars that have aftermarket exhaust which totally eliminates the flap system. Surely by now if it caused problems you'd see evidence of it but all I see is Aftermarket Exhaust Promotion !!
Nope your good to go. That light will continue to come back on every full drive cycle (i have the same issue right now, I am NOT yet tuned). These ECUs are so sensitive.
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