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Put the hurt on a 911 turbo Saturday !

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This was a non tasteful kill but it was also i fight i didn't pick. I just picked my 6.0 up from suprcars international monday . I had alot of top side engine work done, some custom filters and restrictors milled out, ETC. I must say she is running unreal strong . I was told not to turn over 5k until i had about 300 miles on it to seat the valves in ETC. Well , i was out logging the miles and had a little over 300 by Saturday. Coming home there was a beautiful 94 911 black on tan tubo car. I realy like these cars and have owned two porsche's in the past and realy respect them. He was a little ahead of me and i noticed he must have spoted me in the rear view because he went from running a consistant 60 to about 75. To tell you the truth running wasn't in my mind. Great beautiful day ,and i was enjoying my Van Halen 5150. Got up next to him and he was pure porsche ! Had the leather driving gloves and i figure he had to have his belt buckle on as well. Although i must admit he had one HOT,HOT chick . She looked to be about 35 and man she was HOT ! When i got beside him we rode side by side for about 1/2 a mile and then without any warning , look over , smile,or anything, he hammered down on it ! I was running about 80 when he hammered it. Totaly catching me off guard, he bolted ahead of me. I gave the gas a little pat and geard her down to 3rd and holy sh*t it came alive ! First time i realy got in it since i had the work done and Katie bar the door she felt strong! The straight we was on was a sweet one , a little uphill, but very straight and long. Needless to say , im sure he knows it wasnt a kit car and he damn sure didn't get the pleasure of telling his girl his car is faster than a lamborghini. When i came by him i was running about 130 and i ran it strong up to about 170. He was a mear speck by then. Maybe he let off the gas but he was totaly destroyed ! Not realy a kill to brag about considering his car had two passengers, older car , ETC. but sure was fun !!!!
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Hey, cool kill! Thanks for sharing the story, sounds like you had a good time :)
Excellent story. Those always get my adrenalin up. :evil:
two quotes:
Had the leather driving gloves and i figure he had to have his belt buckle on as well.
She looked to be about 35 and man she was HOT !

Great story with some funny stuff! LOL!
Sort of hurtful since I just came form a 600HP 996TT to a Gallardo....
Still a P fan at heart - though I love my lambo too
BTW - how do you get it to say "Lambo Owner" under your name?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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