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Vintage, authentic, superbly balanced sized Miura Miniature - Radio!

This rare Radio was manufactured in 1968, when Ferruccio had ordered a strictly limited number of these, to reward his "close" Partners and Dealers for their activities.
Dimensions are : L (13") X H (1,5") X W (5") - lots different than the ready made Miniatures devastating the open market.

It must have come from the authentic wooden promo model in Ferruccio's drawing Department and scaled for merchandise purposes.

On the bottom you can easily read : "MADE IN ITALY". Nothing more, nothing less.
Battery Cover is missing, wiper brackets are off , two hupcap wheel nuts plus one or two front bonnet grilles are missing and Radio Control in the back needs some attention by a vintage radio technician, in order to become fully tested and functional again.

Pm or e-mail at : [email protected] for recommended reasonable pricing and info for this precious Lamborghini Collectible.

Warm Regards,


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