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Precision Restoration

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Anyone know of Precision Restoration in Minneapolis? They are supposed to specialized in Lambos and Ferraris.

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I've noticed that may ferrari shops are marketing Lamoborghinis more so now than ever. Even if they are a world class ferrari shop, I wouldn't want to have my Lambo fixed by them. No doubt in my mind that they will do a good job, but the bill will knock you off your feet. Your paying for their education needlessly.

JRV said it perfectly, judge the shop based on the mechanic and his experience. But make sure that person is the one working on your car.

Ask many many questions, none are stupid. Also, get references, references, and more references. Lamborghini owners are a small group of mostly honest people with very good taste, the good, bad, and ugly will get around very quickly.

Having your car repaired 400 miles away may cost more, but may not be a bad thing to give you peace of mind. I agree for small repairs it's not practical, but for a restoration it's not very far.

Good Luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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