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G'day guys,

I wanted to throw out the feelers to see if anybody had a tool that is known to be able to diagnose the ABS faults and clear them on the Pre-LP cars, tool preferably located in Australia with the ability for me to be able to hire/borrow it for debugging purposes..

The reason I am trying to avoid a dealer reset is because I am working with my Motec M1 ECU plug and play system I have engineered from scratch.. This particular car has always had the dash lights on for Brake/ABS/Stability and so I am currently unsure the cause (VCDS once reported steering angle sensor but the VCDS was unable to clear the fault or help me much further than this)

What I ideally need to do, is be able to confirm that any of the errors are not being caused by my ECU system, which I am confident they are not.. But if I was to go past a dealer and discover I am causing an issue, it will be a long winded exercise to "debug" this, without personal access to a tool..

(CFI Kyle has been kind enough to offer me his LaRa to borrow for development purposes but being A) on the other side of the world, and B) in regular use on his own projects has made it hard to make this happen)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist..

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