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Hi everyone, I am currently looking into a Murcielago, and did a PPI. Overall, car condition was noted as good. I have a few questions, and would like to get your thoughts:

1. The car has rwd conversion. On the road test, it was noted that the traction control light kept kicking in at over 3500 rpm. Is this a common issue? It may be that the tires were not warm enough yet (short road test) or TC kicks in on the 1st gear? Should I get it converted back?

2. The lifting system does not seem to work properly. What could the issue be and how could it be resolved (pressure sensor issue?) Relating to this, there was noted that the front shocks had moisture on them. What does this mean?

I did not have a chance to contact the tech that did the PPI, because he was gone for the day. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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