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PPI in Houston Area

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I did a search on this topic but came up with mostly older posts.
Working with a private seller in the houston area and need a PPI on an LP640. Looking for someone trustworthy and who knows lambos and LP640's specifically.
Also possibly Looking for member in the houston area who can maybe take a look at the car to make sure its all there before i proceed with anything that costs money. Ive done video calls with the seller and the car but the internet is a scary place so I want to be sure. Also if the seller is reading this no offense. LOL

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ill check them out. Im hearing that houston is very large so im not too sure what part of town the car is located.
I think I remeber the owner saying he had the last service done at Lambo Houston which is about a 30 minute drive for him.
They have done a couple on my cars plus they repair exotics. Had a few diablos murcies etc. he also repaired 2 of my murcies
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