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What does everyone do for paint protection? Or do some do it and some dont? My car will be driven only during summer months and I will likely put 1000 miles on the car per year. Just wondering if I should do any paint protection as I'm not really familiar with it? If so, what areas?
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That worries me. Is that ok to do to a brand new Lambo? Does it mess with the paint at all? I assume you are meaning a clear PPF?
You do realize a majority of the cars having ppf added are new cars. A new Lambo is no different. It’s a car.
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Yup. But might not be worth it for me. I don’t keep cars very long and like to have a new ride every couple years. I already got $10k wheels I’m putting on so to spend another $10k on PPF might not we worth it. That is me and everyone is different. It would be an added bonus when selling but would never get close to your money out of that. Plus I will have 2000 miles on the car in 2 years. Was planning to wrap roof but someone here said that isn’t possible which surprises me as many guys say they are going to do that. Maybe I will just do the front bumper, half hood, side mirrors thing in PPF and be done with it. On the roof, see what that is like when it arrives.
If you don’t keep it long then you don’t need full. You will not recoup the cost. But if not keeping long why spend on wheels?
So if someone were to PPF of the front end, like front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, would it be a different color then the rest of the car? Seems hard to believe if you PPF the front with ceramic coating on the PPF, that it would not be any difference in color then rest of the car?
May depend on color but I’ve never seen where the colors are different due to ppf. I wouldn’t worry about that.
I had STEK DYNOflex installed on my windshield. Definitely worth the piece of mind to protect the glass from stone chips.
Agree. I have a chip in my Dynoflex that if I didn't have would have certainly pitted my windshield if not cracking it!!
Keeping factory wheels too so when comes time to sell, may not sell with aftermarket wheels
Gotcha. This is my current predicament. I want some new wheels but it's a big expense if I am uncertain how long I'm going to keep the car. I know I can sell the wheels later but I know I'd take a big hit. I want forged cf barrels so I'm looking at $20k. That's the cost of a freaking decent used car!!
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Those of you with PPF on the windshield do you notice any distortion? I had it added to my R8, we tried several types and I had to take them all off as they all made the view distorted.... Surely the week I peeled it off I got a small chip 😢
Dynoflex does have some distortion. My installer said that if the car is a garage queen it won't "bake" all the way. He showed me his F150 that has it and sits in the Florida sun all the time and there is zero distortion. He offered to take it off and refund me if I wasn't happy but I'd rather have the protection and some distortion than no protection. When I do park the car for long periods outside I do face the windshield to the sun in case it helps like he said.
Last Rally I did in Oct, a rock broke my windshield (unprotected) in my F from a GT3 throwing rocks. Hit it going 150-155. Was literally like a bullet hitting it. Cost me $9xx for a new one. Will never do a rally again without full frontal PPF and windshield protected.
What's the cost on the dynoshield stuff?

Think it was like $499 but if I recall depending on the place it's in the $400-600 range. Well worth the protection!!
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