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What does everyone do for paint protection? Or do some do it and some dont? My car will be driven only during summer months and I will likely put 1000 miles on the car per year. Just wondering if I should do any paint protection as I'm not really familiar with it? If so, what areas?
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I only did the front, mirrors, rockers, rear diffuser, and got Exoshield on windshield. I didn’t get the entire car done as I’m only keeping it for less than 2 years and it doesn’t get driven much.
Those of you with PPF on the windshield do you notice any distortion? I had it added to my R8, we tried several types and I had to take them all off as they all made the view distorted.... Surely the week I peeled it off I got a small chip 😢
No distortion with Exoshield. I don't even notice that it's there.
1 - 3 of 97 Posts