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It’s been said repeatedly that pictures don’t do these car and their paint jobs justice. I love looking at everyone’s pictures and videos, but in person these cars are like “Sweet Jesus how is this possible?!

Anyone have any tips on how to take pictures that accentuate the beauty and color of these beasts?

snapped a couple from my IPhone, and this is about the best I have gotten. Would better camera, any filters to use, exposure settings help? I fall in love every time I open the garage.

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Beautiful car :love: :love:

Each camera has a microchip sensor to capture color spectrums. Expensive camera generally has better sensor (around 45 mp of nikon z7ii vs 12 mp of iphone 13), so you get about 4x the quality. I like Nikon so have been using it when I need quality photos. You can see some of the sample Tecnica photos that I took from few months ago.
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