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Perks of having a Lamborghini

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What are some of the perks who guys get by having a Lambo?

Free Valet
Valet moving other cars in front of restaurants for you.
People looking out for your car

People in traffic moving for you etc…
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Gee I'd never park my car anywhere so that's all out. As a matter of fact, I don't think I'd ever put myself in a position to take advantage of a perk. Guess I'm just not very trusting. Getting out of speeding ticket so far.
Free Valet? Never had that one. They always want their cut and expect a big tip. That's justfor watching it, I dont let them drive the car. Too many clutch problems from the retard world that can happen.

Getting to know ALL your local law enforcement officers on a one to one bases! LOL :)
Valet might be free, but the tip costs substantially more. I took my car to Vegas once. It must have cost me $100 per day in tips. Twenty everytime I get my car out of the front driveway.
I should clarify. I always park it myself but I rarely pay but I do Tip as a thank you
Its really cool when your car gets priority over Mercedes & Porches etc..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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