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Thumbs Up! Buy Paul McCartney's old Lamborghini on eBay
Just think. You've got McCartney. You've got Linda. Possibly space fora sheepdog in the back. You've got a Lambo. Macca's driving at a cautious 35mph. Linda's dreaming of lentils. It is 1975.

Fast forward to 2005 and ask yourself this: have I got spare few grand and an eye for a bargain?

Then check out eBay, which has a 1970's Lamborghini Espada for sale that was once owned by Beatles legend and all-round wacky Dad, Paul McCartney (CDs).

Resplendent in flame red and with a private plate that is said to have been fitted by Macca himself, this is a chance to gobble up a 350 BHP-piece of pop history that is both an investment and fast as fook.
Thumbs aloft!

At least that's the theory, since the Italian sportscar has been 'stored in a bar in Stoke for 3 years, high up so it can't get damaged'.

Roadworthy qualities aside, it has nevertheless attracted interest, having seen bids rise from £5,000 on Friday to the current level - £8,600. There are 7 days to go, so we can expect a little action yet.

The reserve has not been met either, but hell, the car retailed for £9,775 when it came to market more than 30 years ago, so the current price seems like a goer. We only hope the Lambo is...

Similar cars can be found for sale in the UK for around £18,000.

So, as Paully Walnuts would say, here's a word to the wise: it beats the **** out of an annual return of 5% APR on your cash, and is a sexier investment to boot.

Let us know if you buy it...

Buy Paul McCartney's old Lamborghini on eBay right now!

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