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I'm looking for the Koni built suspension module that was in the center of the dash on Diablo and other Lamborghini cars. This parts is needed so as to better understand the operational function of how, when and why these electronic shocks act on command like they do. The shocks failure usually is because of the electronic core assemblies printed circuit board fails one way or another. The board is very dated, newer components and designs will bring these shocks back from the dead. Biggest problem is totally understanding it's operation totally. Better and newer components are more than available and waiting to be used. I have a very good friend who is a total computer and electronic geek that is looking at this saying this is no problem to make, if I can understand what is needed to control the adjustment of the shocks. Maybe even make them better!
That being that, I'm asking and looking for one of these suspension module Koni or Lamborghini part number #005134572 and if Lamborghini up-dated this part with a different part number I do not know. If anyone out there has one of these components working or NOT, I'm looking for one and willing to pay for it. To anyone out there who owns a 1995 to 2002 Lamborghini with electronic shocks you know that shock failure is a common problem. Koni in 2004 quit making the electronic core assembly without telling anybody, think because of the German takeover Lamborghini, they then went to Bilstein manufactured shock absorbers. (no service or re-builds on Bilstein OEM shocks) In years of trying, there is NO help from Koni or Lamborghini in servicing that core assembly. I have a very good history on this shock now and it's VERY interesting. That story would take a couple of pages to tell.
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