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Parking in Los Vegas

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I intend to take a trip from San francisco area to Los Vegas in a few weekends from now. Would like suggestions as to which hotel has the safest and best place to park my Lambo for a few days. Would like to hear other peoples experiences.
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Bellagio has always worked out great for me with valet attendants. Just state you want to park it yourself and a valet attendent will ride with you to a safe under roof main floor spot away from any potential harm or tampering. Car is always being observed by their security while in this secure spot. Remember to tip well. When you go to get your car, its close enough for you to go and get it yourself and most likely an attentendant will be there to guide you out just so they can hear and be next to it. Have a great time.
Make it $10.00 or more all depending on how happy you are with the valet. These people admire the image that these cars give off and hope the owners are as cool as the cars themselves.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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