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Owner of - 2008 Yellow Gallardo Superleggera ZHWGU43T88LA06164 I have your manuals

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Greetings, I purchased a full set of 2008 owners manual and booklet on eBay a while back as the car I was looking to buy did not have the manuals. I ended up buying a different 2006 car with all the booklets. So I am going to re-list this for sale on eBay. That said the warranty booklet has the VIN inside of ZHWGU43T88LA06164.

If this is your car please reply or PM me and we can work out a sale. Otherwise it will be listed online soon. But I figured it might be nice to reunite this with the proper car...
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Yeah good call. The more I look at that car the more I realized the previous owner added some horrible mods…..
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