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Ordering a 2021 Huracan EVO RWD Spyder - Spec help request from the experts

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I'm looking to order a 2021/22 Huracan EVO RWD Spyder but I have some questions about the build as my dealer in Scottsdale doesn't seem too knowledgable.

Life Style + Driver Pack: $4,600 With this package it says it comes with the smartphone interface but my dealer says I need to add the "Smartphone Interface" for another $3,600 to get AppleCarply... so why does this package offer it if its not included?!
- Antitheft
-Smartphone Interface
-3 years maintenance
- Cupholder and smoker package
-Rims upon choice (discounted)
-Ceramic Brakes
-Magneto Suspension

Style Package High Gloss Black $2000 - I'm thinking about going with the Rear Bumper in high gloss black with the body color diffuser over the style pack in high gloss black to avoid the front lip and side skirts in black paint as even with clear film, these low hanging parts get really beat up. How are peoples high gloss black front lips holding up and also the base "plastic" look, can you cover this in matte XPEL?

Small Carbon Pack: $3300 I thought about buying the vent covers and paddles aftermarket to get the same carbon weave as the sport seats but there really isn't a cost benefit going this route, just aesthetics.

Dynamic Steering: $2200 I hear the steering feel on the RWD is amazing, is this option needed?

20" Narvi Black Matte Wheels: $2000 I like the matte black look but haven't seen any pictures for them and they're much cheaper than the high gloss black which are $5300, thoughts?

Any feedback from the Lamborghini experts? I'm coming from the Porsche world and know how to build a car well on their site but the Lambo site seems pretty clunky.

Thank you all for the help and if you have any recommended sales associates from a dealer in the US, please DM me their info. I'm shooting for a 6% discount as I was offered 4% up front from local dealer but I know a high volume dealer can do better : )







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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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