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Hello everyone

I just wanted to pot on the discussion board some info on my first year of ownership with the Murcielago. What a year, what a year. I put around 5000 miles on the car this year, without any hiccups. This car is amazing. Having come from a Dodge Viper GTS, to a Gallardo, now to the Murcielago, I can confidently say this car tops them all. Since I have owned the car I have only done regular maintenance and a few minor "upgrades".

My cousin and I are trying to start a YouTube channel up and as such we have documented all of the upgrades and maintenance we have done to not only my Murcielago, but also his gated 2004 Gallardo. These videos will hopefully help some of you who are trying to do things like exhaust installs, RWD conversions, Oil changes, etc.

We are also doing a GoPro 8 giveaway for Christmas.

Please checkout my 1 year review and if you have a moment give us a like and subscribe. If you are looking for any specific content about the Murcielago or the Gallardo, reach out and we will put something together.

Thank you

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