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One horrible attempt at a replica

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yeah, I've seen that one before. what is that, a Toyota Supra? horrible :mad:
The rear picture looks like something out of photoshop :rolleyes:
it also says: 'disegno bertone' on the side :eek: , the idiotsss
Denial is not just..........oh nevermind.
F-ing awesome replica!!!!! Thinks it's called Artero or some junk like that. :eek:
At first glance it almost looks like a lotus esprit.
Some people.... :whip: :(
Peter K is the winning

Well the name that car title goes to Peter K as explains its loosly based on the Diablo and the esprit.
hey, you know, i think that car is the same as in background of the dodge magnum "is that a hemi" commercial. it looks familiar...

but man-o-man, is it ugly :eek:

I just saw the commercial, it looks like the same car
It is the same are car. Silly Dodge trying to pass it off as an espirt. Here is a pic from the commercial. And then the aerto
wow that is it. i thought it was an esprit :X shows how good the replica is.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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