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Oil viscosity

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Ok guys,
I did a search and came up with zip.
The 1998 diablo SV calls for 10w40 motor oil. Been looking high and low for mobil one 10w40 and its just not available. I think it was available at one time.
Question is what oil to use and what grade.

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You can use 5W50 or 15W50 doesn't matter on this engine.
Mobil 1 is not available in that weight. If you like to use the specified weight, you can try other synthetic brands like Royal Purple. They have 10W40.
thanks for the info guys.
There have been significant changes in motors oils since that manual was written. They were probably using SAE SH rated oils. Currently we are using SL and the SM is soon to be released - if it is not out already. The GL-4 spec is also being used now.

If you are using a mineral based oil then look for a 10W-40. If you are using a synthetic and want to use Mobil 1 then use the 0W-40 or even 0W-30.

I use the 0W-20 Mobil 1 in my 575 Maranello and will switch the 0W-30 to 0W-20 in the Murcielago soon. These oils are superior for around town driving temperatures. I may or may not use thicker oils on the track but it can only be determined by experimenting. You are better off with oil that is too thin than too thick.

All manufacturers are going to thinner oils. They actually protect your engine better than thicker ones in many ways. It does depend on what your driving conditions are. Driving around town while using minimal horsepower and RPM is very hard on a racing engine stuffed with thicker oils designed for the track.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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