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With regards synthetic oils, are there any internal combustion engine applications where you think they are not as suited, compared with normal oils (if we exclude price constraints etc)?

I am thinking about the very mundain, much forgotten, and much abused applications, like lawn mowers, generators, pumps, and other stationary engines. On this sort of gear, regular oil changes often get forgotten about (speaking for myself), and these small four stroke engines only hold a minimal amount of oil so I would assume that it degrades quite quick?

Any downside going to synthetics for these types of engines?

As a dedicated Lambo owner, with four mowers, generator, mulcher etc. etc. I already use Shell Helix Ultra in my Gallardo and Maserati Shamal, but could I/should I use it and benefit from it in all my "motors"?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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