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Offered an Aventador S swap for my Performanté

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Hi all,

I am a new member but I have come across the forum a few times so I’m glad I finally have a reason to post haha. My names Tomi and I’m 30 based on the UK.

I currently own a 2018 Performante that I’ve had for 4 months. It’s been amazing and I have loved every second of it. Going in to purchase it, I always dreamed of having an aventador one day and funnily enough I now have an opportunity to swap my Performante for one with £0 deposit and only an extra £300pcm.


I bought my Perf for £185k and I have been told by Lamborghini that they could sell it for £205k and put me in a 2018 Aventador S.
To me this sounded like a good opportunity, however, I have really grown to love the Performante and I only have a handful of concerns.

1-Financially, would you say this is a good deal? Or should I hold on to the Performante a bit longer?

2-People that have gone from Performante to Aventador, do you have any regrets?

3-Are aventador s prices holding steady or have they been going up like the Performante?

Hope this post doesn’t annoy anyone if the questions are dumb, but I really would just like the opinion of fellow Lamborghini owners.
Below is also the spec sheet and pics of the Aventador S



  • Finished in Nero Pegaso
  • Front End PPF
  • 20in Front and 21in Rear Alloy Wheels - Diantus Forged Silver with Black Central Locking
  • Brake Calipers - Yellow
  • Style Package
  • Transparent Engine Bonnet
  • Park Assistance - Front-Rear Sensors and Rear View Camera
  • Upholstery - Sportivo Leather - Nero Ade - Giallo Taurus
  • S-Trim with Full Cabin Leather Upgrade
  • Electric and Heated Seats
  • Coloured Stitching
  • Multi Function Steering Wheel with Perforated Leather Inserts
  • Branding Package with Lamborghini Shield on Leather
  • DAB Radio
  • Visibility and Light Package
  • Travel Package
  • Phone Holder
  • NavTrak Pro ADR
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