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"It's just a machine" she said
a look of consternation upon her fair face
"Like a washing machine or a TV
What's the big deal?"

The deal is a dream said I
The dream of man to exhilarate, to palpitate;
To feel the pull of the engine
the rush of acceleration
the quickening of the pulse
that is so tragically missing
from our lives of humdrum indifference.

It is a dream that lives in the metal skin and bones
Of this car, this dart, this bullet.
The passion of Gandini is contained therein
The pure spirit of Ferrucio pulses through it
There is no compromise
No pandering to economists
No dumbing down
No lowest-common-denominator.
This is a machine
But it is also a symbol
of man's indomitable desire
to fly
in spirit
if not in flesh.

To drive this car
is to be possessed
by the ghosts of all men
who have gone before.
To feel their yearning
for the feel of speed
The shortness of breath
and the wavering of heart

That is more than a machine

That is drive.

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Tony_Lambo said:
Now I know I'm not the only insane one when it comes to a Countach :)

Maybe if my wife reads it.....she will understand.

Here's another one :rolleyes: since 1983 adicted to the Countach...

My wife understand my passion very well and loves him/her too.

Lucky me, all satisfied :D
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