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October San Diego meet caravan

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Hi everybody, This is my first post. My boyfriend introduced me to this site, and I must say I am now hooked :D We are going to the San Diego meet in October and we were wondering if anyone was traveling through or from vegas or maybe meet up around the 215 in san bernardino. Look forward to meeting everyone.
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wiz357 said:
Great advise. If you get stuck in LA between 3-5 pm on a Friday, it is in your best interest to just wait it out. I-5 South in OC to SD would be a pain in the arse as well. At one time, it took me 4 hours from Downtown LA to San Diego in my Diablo. I wanted to pull over and just wait it out, but my wife and I had an important dinner that we could not miss.

Welcome to the board de993. Hope to see you in October.
Can someone post the old link to event info. I reserved a room but haven't handled the rest yet and misplaced the flyer.
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