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Not a Kit Car?!?

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Sure looks like one to me, or someone has really desecrated a good Countach...

Anyone know why there are so many kit cars for Lambo, and hardly any for Ferrari?
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They say it has been "restored". That probaly means it was nothing but a chassi and an engine that has many kit car parts on it.
can't tell exactly what it is from the pics but it certianly doesn't appear to be a real Countach.
Over the years I've seen a number of bad Ferrari Testarossa kits. Namely on Pontiac Fiero chassis and surprisingly enough body kits on a few Corvettes. Every now and again I've seen a 308 kit on a Fiero too.
I agree with JRV, it just doesn't look right.
There was a red one the other day which had pics of a real countach, but the engine shot showed some kind of V8.
The one on ebay that you posted the link for
is " powered by an Olds Rocket 455 with an auto 3 speed racing transmission" :confused: :confused: :confused:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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