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Northeast Guys!! Connecticut Gathering!

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Hey Guys,
As I said last month, after our small Countach get together, we're having a Lamborghini ONLY gathering, drive, and a shoreline resturant dinner (reasonably priced too) at the end of October. Here's some of the info.

Hey guys:

As we discussed last month at our private Countach reunion, we are in
tentative stage for a restaurant lunch outing that is exclusive to
owners. This informal outing is likely to be scheduled for Sunday
October 24th
or 30th (tbd yet) at the Italian restaurant Cafe Allegre in Madison. We
gather up somewhere in CT (also tbd) and drive up in caravan to Madison

The restaurant is close to the shore and is at minutes of a large park
going to
the beach.
All cars can be parked right in front of the restaurant with owners
able to
keep a watchful eye on them. A view on the cars!
The way we want to set up is a menu with 2 or 3 choices (we are working
on it)
of a drink, an appetizer, the main course, a dessert and a choice of
for a prepaid fixed sum at the entrance that includes tax and tip.
really wants to count money after a good meal). Anything extra upon a
request would be at the charge of that guest. Fixed price all inclusive
is not
yet set but expect $40 to $50 per person.

The reason of this preliminary notice is to know roughtly how many of
you would
like to come to make a block reservation early and make sure we will
have our
“lamborghini parking area only” section.

More info will follow when the logistics gets set.

I know you are in contact with other owners which we may not have in
our list.
Feel free to contact them and have them contact Richard Salomon [email protected] or
myself [email protected]
they are interested to join for the outing.

This time we hope to have all the cars ready.

Take care

P. Rolling