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No Sun Visors?

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How come the Countach doesn't have any sun visors? Makes it a bit painful while driving towards the sun when it's low in the sky.

I've put a baseball cap in the glove box so I can pull the peak down over my eyes instead.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is?
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The 25th has sun visors as well as the US Versions.
I don't know when they came into production but I haven't seen any euro QV with visors so far.
The rake of the windscreen helps a lot, it is a pain at dusk but thats about it

I feel your pain.... the early Jalpa's didn't come with them either! Very tough to see sometimes!

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My 87 US spec car had them....I am now having them installed on my 1980 S along with a new interior. You might try having Louie Mesa (Gary Bobileff's interior man) make you a set...or I can give you the dimensions and a photo of mine if you like.
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