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New Squadra Corse Huracan

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So there's a new announcement in the Unica app about a new Squadra Corse model to be unveiled soon. Judging by the side view it looks like a new Huracan-based car. There is also a video in the post teasing some of the angles.


Interesting enough they didn't even bother to rename the video file name (lol) so this is most likely the "Super Trofeo Evo 2" (which is probably still a placeholder name). I'm guessing they took the advancements from the Evo & STO and made a facelifted version of the original STEvo race car.
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I was told there will be a Performante EVO...anyone heard of this?
Wishful thinking. I asked the same question of my local dealer and was told the STO "Is" the Performante version the EVO. I was hoping for a spyder model but this is not going to happen from all accounts.
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