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It’s a good day, looks like you and I have been looking at (and bidding/offering on) the same cars for at least two months now! Love that car and the specs. Big congrats on it. My own two cents is 50-50 on the wheels: I like both silver and black to be frank, and then I would think to keep it original factory if that be the case. The yellow on yellow is absolutely stunning, however!

not to steal your thread but I bought an ‘08 G spider and it arrives next week. I’ll post photos in another thread, but again congratulations to you.

Cant wait to see it! Yes, I am super happy with he car I found. Even nicer in person than I thought. There is literally not a single rock chip out of the car and paint looks factory new.

My advice....Order a sprint booster, and put an LOC exhaust on it. I just got the exhaust on the car and BOY what a difference!

I agree With Taxman about the wheels black ties in with the top and looks amazing.
Yep, pulling wheels off today to bring down and have done.

Just got windows tinted this week. Kept it legal. Would have liked it darker, but most of the time the top will be down ;)

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