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Hi Guys, I have been working on my Huracan for a couple of months now and it's finally coming together nicely. Here are few pictures from a recent photo shoot. I was fortunate enough to find this car with a full 1016 kit so that helped me save a lot of time and money.

Mods list:
1016 Splitter, side skirts and wing
RSC tuning rear diffuser
Novitec springs
H&R spacers
Body color matched painted wheels
Window tint all around.
Black wrap accents to make it pop.

Next up is exhaust system and tune. I have decided to go with Ryft valved exhaust system.

back edited.jpg image0.jpg Side shot.jpg side.jpg untitled-4883-2 (1).jpg

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I love the mods. I want to get that CF base like you have for my EVO and then I can add a wing. Not crazy about the EVO duckbill.
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