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HI All,

Joined as I am looking for a Gallardo spyder, basically since pre-covid and decided to wait to see how that would work itself out. Now back at and looking for Gallardo. Probably something I will get this spring or summer as I am in WI and doesn't make sense to me to buy now to store. Plus I don't have any place to keep another car until later next year.

Looking to learn more and hopefully avoid any gotchas. Going to visit Kearn's in Johnson Creek to get info from them and they have one for sale to take a look at - at least it was this past weekend.

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Welcome and best of luck with your Gallardo quest. Never owned a Gallardo but there are quite a few knowledgable people on the forum that would be willing to help you out. Keep an eye on the classified section of this forum because once an a while some nice Lamborghinis' are offered for sale. BTW, Enjoy the hunt!

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Welcome to the Lamborghini Talk! If your state requires a front license plate, check out our Eeze Plate mounting system for your new addition. The Eeze Plate allows you to take your license plate off in seconds which is great for photo shoots and track days!
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