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New limited edition Lamborghini coming out, it'll be a modern version of the Countach

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I heard from my dealer that Lambo will be showing a limited edition (around a 100) car which will be a modern version of the Countach. It'll be based on the Aventador but look like a modern Countach. The car is to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Countach. Price will be similar to the Sian, not sure when they'll be showing the car. My guess is Quail which is still on but we shall see.
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Very curious on what look they decide to go for, particularly for the interior. Honestly, I already consider the Aventador to be a modern Countach, so I can only wonder how they'll try a more direct emulation in the modern time.
Isn’t it about now when someone says “it’s just a car”?

Guys, it's just a beautiful people mover capable of 200mph+ speeds with probably a laughable Sensonum sound system in front and glorious V12 sound system in the mid-rear. You already have one at home. You also have a Countach at home, depending on who's reading this. So can't we all just get along? :(
Reminds me of the Cizeta
You're right, just needs 12 more headlights.
Looks good but too much likeness of the Countach n not enough Aventador. I think the supercar will be more likeness of the Aventador with a touch of Countach.
It is a Countach tribute afterall. Aventador is still ongoing and even getting its own new variant soon.
How are they going to cool that thing down?

Looks great and where are all the cooling vents?!
I'm assuming that's not an official artist's rendering and that we've still yet to see a glimpse of the final design from Lamborghini.

That said, I'd assume this design would use the fish gills for the intake and the "ears" from the original Countach would still be used for the radiators on this, but would go up and down as needed like on Murciélago and Aventador. I'd like to see that on the actual car actually, would be a great callback while keeping to form and modernizing.
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