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New injector idle surge problem

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Well I traced part of my check engine lights and misfires to a bad injector
It was reading zero ohms
After researching what injectors to buy I bought a brand new Bosch

Not able to test drive as we are getting a winter storm here in Michigan
But after letting warm up in the garage I’m getting a idle surge maybe 200 Rpms
And it’s idling at around 1000 rpm
Almost like I have a vacuum leak and forgot to put a hose on.

Any ideas here?
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Where the injectors go into the intake manifold there are 2 types of grommets. 1 that is soft and 1 that is some type of hard rubber. How come I have 2 different types? Don't know, but anyway, had a huge vacuum leak from the base of the injectors. Installed the right grommets and now no more surging. Thanks

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Sprayed carb cleaner around all the injectors with no change in rpm
Also around all vacuum lines I took off.
only thing I can thing of is maybe the cars ecu needs to relearn?
Expecially since who knows how long the injector has been bad
I can’t take if for a drive since we got some snow but it’s on my list
Also I plugged battery and that seemed to help at first but then it came back to surging.
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