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Just saw N.13 Gallardo SE at my dealer today. Yellow and Black. Rear spoiler with rear view camera and 3 stop light integrated. (rear view camera is not compatible with tv so you can have one or the other!) But the spoiler is very nice!
New rims in black and larger center logo.
Apparently it has 20hp more but only between 7800 - 8000rpm. That means that the gained them by putting the rev limiter higher. The torque and everything else remain unchanged so the 20hp more is virtually unusable.
The central storage compartment behind the seats has become a bottle holder!
Mind you the car comes fully equipped at a price of around 188K euros. A similar normal gallardo 06 (price of which will go up about 4k euros soon) will cost you 6% more!! so it might be worth it!
All cars are numbered and i believe most if not all have already been sold!
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