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Need to interview a Lambo/iPod user

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Hi Folks,

I'm writing an article about using the iPod in your car and I need to interview a Lambo owner who has done this. Preferably somebody who has used one of the high-quality interfaces (ie: not FM modulation) and who lives around the Silicon Valley. Tho others would be ok too, so don't be shy.

I need to finish this by Tuesday, so let's communicate asap. Doesn't need to be a live conversation, we can chat right here, or email, im, etc.


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Apple should hard wire

Someone needs to contact an Apple executive and get a hard-wired iPod option for the M and G cars. If you don't want it, you wouldn't need to have it, but those of us that do have iPods would greatly appreciate avoiding the generally bad FM modulation devices out there. Thoughts?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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