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Need to interview a Lambo/iPod user

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Hi Folks,

I'm writing an article about using the iPod in your car and I need to interview a Lambo owner who has done this. Preferably somebody who has used one of the high-quality interfaces (ie: not FM modulation) and who lives around the Silicon Valley. Tho others would be ok too, so don't be shy.

I need to finish this by Tuesday, so let's communicate asap. Doesn't need to be a live conversation, we can chat right here, or email, im, etc.


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Fred, I hope you find your man. I have a Gallardo and an Ipod, but I've never been tempted to put the two together as the speakers are so bad it would be a waste of time.

I've asked my dealer for options to improve the sound system.
Charles, this is interesting stuff. I use an Ipod mini with i-trip in my Benz and I'm very happy with the sound. I suspect the CD head unit in the car isn't great in the first place, so this probably contributes to the impression that the ipod sounds comparatively good.

There's no doubt hardwiring is the way to go. I think the stacker has a very short life span. The useability of the ipod is so good, I'm sure other car manufacturers will follow BMW and get interfaces into their cars for third party portables.
I suspect one reason my i-trip works fine is that there aren't a lot of FM stations here in Adelaide to cause interference. Bring on hardwiring!

On matters sound related, has anyone upgraded the door speakers in their Gallardo?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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