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My new Lamborghini: Miura S

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As a tribute to my favorite Lamborghini forum, I'm announcing my purchase of Miura S 4593 here, so fellow "Early V12" readers Fred and JRV can get the scoop.

Attached is a picture I borrowed from When I get the chance, I'll take a few photos alongside 5018 and post them in the garage.
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Congrats XS10!

Great Miura!

Those bricks do look familiar. I can find out where they are from.

I am curious about something. Is it really true that you can send a Miura SV back to the factory to get JOTA engine updates?

If so, that would be awesome!

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Yes, the brickwork is from Monterey, where the car was auctioned to the last owner 2 years ago. He reconditioned the electrics, brakes, ignition, clutch, and carbs before selling it to me.

The car is a late S with vented discs. It's mechanically and electrically sorted, but does not have any real pedigree, which is basically why I bought it. This way I can drive it without worries.

RE: Miura SVJ Upgrades - Actually, all of these additions can be done by a competent shop, but I do believe the factory does do (expensive) restorations of cars in it's works department.
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