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Always go with as big as is reasonable. I have a 4 car attached garage and am working on outfitting a 40x60 outbuilding. I already have plans for a future addition on the building when the time comes.

I recently helped my uncle clear out a 60x100 building that was packed full of cars and other stuff. Still wasn't big enough.

You will fill up whatever you have.
I have to completely agree. I too have a 4 car attached garage, but it isn't enough. It is 40 wide and 24/20 deep (two bays are 24 and two are 20). TwinV10 did a great thing and had his big enough to have plenty of space between his cars...I wish I had done the same. I could add some space by getting "concealed" lifts as I have an exercise room under the garage. That would kind of cool (having an exotic emerge out of the floor), but I don't really want to do that and lose my exercise room. Eventually, I will have to expand or add a detached...
BTW, you guys have some awesome (and clean) garages! :tup:
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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