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undefinedLast August I attended the Concours in Pebble Beach as I have for the past 11 years. Since Ferrari was the honored marque, there were 360 Spyders EVERYWHERE in Carmel-by-the-Sea...really! Two or 3 on each block!

What caught my eye....and a lot of other peoples'....was a pearl yellow Gallardo. I was awe struck by the lines on that car; there was no bad angle from which to gawk at that bella macchina. I still have the pictures on my then-new cell phone camera.

As soon as I got back to Los Angeles I visited the Lambo dealership in Beverly Hills. Very nice sales staff; more than happy to let customers sit in the cars and ask questions. They let me test drive both a manual and E gear with no hesitation. I took my time; researched all the articles I could find on the Gallardo (many from Autocar magazine); read the posts on this website; and finally made my move. Last Monday Lamborghini Beverly Hills delivered a pearl yellow E-gear to to my house and I have been in rapture ever since.

I have 2 F cars: a 1998 355B and a 2004 360 F1 Spyder. Both wonderful cars. But in Los Angeles F cars are relatively common place. Not so with Lambos! Yesterday I was driving to the dealership to have some software updates loaded and I was sitting at a red light. There in my rear view mirror I was a sweet little old lady wearing her big scary sunglasses. Slowly, she leaned over her steering wheel for a better look at the Gallardo, lifted up her shades, and let out a big grin.

Only in Los Angeles!
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