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Hey everyone. I just wanted to share a special experience from this past week. I had my first ride EVER in a Lamborghini, and it happened to be in a beautiful Verde Ithaca LP700-4. This one in particular spec'd out quite well, with the matching exterior color, alcantara inserts on the seats on the doors/door sills.

For awhile, I was not the largest fan of the Aventador, really being such a huge fan of the LP640. I also love the huracan and gallardo, and am a huge fan of the V10 cars. After riding in this Aventador, it was immediately apparent why these cars are so revered. It is by far the most exotic car I have ever been in, and I say this after having been in some very crazy vehicles.

I hope you'll enjoy this short video of my first Lamborghini experience, and perhaps you'll recall the first time you were in a Lamborghini. What kind was it, and when was it? Comment below about your first experience!

Pics: See attachments!



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