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This will be pretty long story...

I'd like to show You my first ever murcielago LP640 built to SV which I and my team were worked on. I bought this car in 2015, It was Standard LP640 roadster in blue monterey colour. It had some fauly electronics, so bought is as a project car. We have cleand all the wires, connectors and changed some modules, so brought back to working shape.

But a year later my father bought LP670 SV UR. Then this project really started! We have taken apart our Original SV to make the moulds from it (I introduced myself to the group saying that we work with supercars, selling parts, repairing, and producing carbon fiber parts for them).

Making moulds took us in the end more than a Year. We started from the front and rear bumpers only. Thinking that we will make only those 2 parts including rear panel between rear fenders, but during the works I decided to go deeper, with front fenders... Then The interior was prettty standard, so started doing all the small carbon parts in there. Next decided to go for door panels, and bucket seats. Finally redo the standerd center tunnel in clear carbon so the interior was also completed

Once we started fitting the parts on the car we found out, that there's much more to do. Air conveyors under front bumper do not fit, the plastic in the front trunk is also too deep and do not allow fit the bumper. Tailpipe and off course bumper grilles needs to be done. All the brackets for SV rear bumper are different, so had to develop those parts anyway.

I seen few companies in the internet who selling SV look'a'like parts but in the end, they are handmade parts with inspiration from the SV look, in the end they are competely different curved shaped and mainly missing all those underneath parts to do the complete work.

We finished the works in middle of 2019 so took us 3,5 year to do this prject on the parts made from scratch.

Here I am uploding a movie about it, and below pictures:

Finally, we have made:
Front bumper with Lower splitter painted in black matt
Front bumper grilles
Front fenders with air vents and grilles
Rear clear carbon panel between rear fenders
Rear clear carbon big wing
Rear clear carbon bumper with aluminium grilles and black matt accents
Satin matt painted accents on side sills

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Tire Grille Hood Wheel Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
Tire Wheel Vehicle Grille Car
Grille Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle
Automotive tail & brake light Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Hood

Clear carbon kickplates
Clear carbon door panels
Clear carbon bucket seats with diamond stitching pattern
Clear carbon center console
Clear carbon center console inserts
Clear carbon instrument frame
Clear carbon gear paddles

All leather elements stitched in black alcantara:
Side sills panels
Steering wheel
Door cards insterts
Rear wall panels

Automotive design Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering wheel Carbon

Steering part Vehicle Car Automotive design Grey
Vehicle Car Steering part Automotive design Steering wheel
Vehicle Car Hood Automotive tire Steering part

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Absolutely gorgeous work. Well done. Do you offer the parts if someone wanted to buy them?
Thank You, appreciated!
These parts are used mostly for our private projects. I mention in my first post with intrduction that my family have 10 murcielago's and some of them we are building for LP670SV.
But very rarely I am also selling them. Everything is made on order, so takes pretty long time to make perfect quality goods ;)

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The quality of the parts and fit and finish looks amazing.

I will say that you could benefit from sliding the frunk forward a little bit to close the gap between the frunk and bumper. On my stock Murci, that gap was a little large so I just loosened the 4 bolts at the hinge (and I think I adjusted the latch too) and slide the frunk forward a tad to make my car look a lot better.
When the gap is too tight, then it is really difficult to open trunk lid. It can be little moved froward, You are right, but max 2mm not more. As it will lose the line next to windshield between front fenders ;)

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What a fantastic job you’ve done on this project. Great attention to detail. Just curious, was there any weight reduction achieved by converting all the LP640 parts to SV parts on this project?
If we talk about exterior, there's no difference as LP40 are also CF, from the interior, very slight difference, would say cosmetic only
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