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My 24 hours and 400 miles review of the STO...

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I have a lot of information and my opinion to share about the STO. I spent 24 hours with the car and did almost 400 miles and the car had approximately 1,250 miles when I picked it up. In the last several years I bought two cars that I had never driven before. I purchased them solely based on reviews and youtube videos because of lack of a car to test drive extensively. Needless to say it didn't work out and I dumped them almost immediately for of course a loss. I didn't want that to happen with the STO. Therefore I was able to rent one for 24 hours for $2,500 and boy am I glad I did. I ran every test I can think of, measured, took pics you name it. This is NOT the car for me personally for reasons listed below.

I can tell you unequivocally and I have video that the valves do not fully open until 3600 RPM in Trofeo or STO mode whether you're up or downshifting. This does not happen in a Perf or EVO in corsa. Again, I suspect it has to do with back pressure reasons just like in my 3RS. So if you try to defeat them you will most likely get droning and lose torque. If you replace the exhaust with any other valved type exhaust you'll get the same thing. If you straight pipe the car it will drone, lose some torque and you will defeat it's purpose.

This is all obviously by design from Lamborghini and meant to work this way in the STO. But if you are coming from an EVO, Perf or factory race exhaust on another Lambo variant you will be disappointed with the sound. There is NO way around it. Now once the valves are opened the car does sound good just like a 3RS does when its valves are open. But it's not practical to be in that upper rev range on the street to get that sound we all know and love whether up or downshifting.

As some of you know I go to Zion National Park almost every weekend. My 580 or EVO on downshifts would bark and bounce off the rock walls and everyone would turn to see what was coming. In the STO nothing and I mean hardly any sound at all. I know that may be unimportant to some but that sound is a big part of the ownership experience for me.

This car is for hardcore track guys that won't care about that and want a new track toy instead of their GT car or whatever. The cofango is cool but once you open it up and show the neighbors or at C&C the novelty is done and over. God forbid someone hit or crunch it. Probably a 50k piece that has to be shipped in an enormous crate from Italy.

I will say you do get somewhat of a view out the rear view mirror that gives you a sense of situational awareness and I got used to it fairly quickly. The ride is stiffer and it does bounce like Mr. JWW explained in his video. That didn't really seem to bother me because I have a propensity for always having low cars that ride super stiff. Interesting note is the right rear quarter glass has a defrost element in it. I guess for improved vision under certain colder conditions. I also took a pic of the exhaust placard and it does clearly say NO GPF. Odd how that placard says date of production 10/21.

Additionally, I did find an annoying glare from the sport seats silvery buckle slider between your legs. It's big and if it's sunny it will bounce a glare off of it. Carbon door panels were cool and gave it a more raw feel. I will say the shark fin on the back they say is used for stability. Seemed very flimsy to me as you can grab it and it wiggles from side to side pretty good. My opinion is it's more for looks rather than side stability.

From some of the many pics I took. I love the looks of the STO. However, I don't see the value proposition in this car for me. I realized the car cost probably a lot to develop. Additionally, I don't see that big of a weight savings either with all of the carbon bits and the cofango. Especially compared to the Perf and deducting the weight of the AWD from the Perf. Speaking of saving weight, it's odd how they added a glove box and the door handles that flip out when you press the key fob to unlock the car. This was left off the Performante for the purpose of weight savings. I also felt this car should have been given a modest power bump of say 30HP or so.

Having many high performance RWD cars over the years. I personally now like and prefer how planted and confidence inspiring the AWD is. I don't care about "playfulness" as I'm not an experienced track person. I want to feel confident and planted ripping through open twisty roads. I'm also having second thoughts on my incoming AMG GT BS because as most know it sounds awfully quiet and muffled. Think 992 Turbo S and that really bothers me coming from AMG who always prided themselves on their engine sound. When I get mine, I'm almost certain I'll be disposing of it for a profit unless I fall head over heels in love which I doubt at this point. And again, I'd be having to deal with an exhaust which I don't want to do.

I don't see the value in the STO for me for what I would use it for and I can't get past the sound. Hopefully there is a cure/workaround down the road. This is what bothers me which is fussing and fettling with a brand new car of this cost and caliber. What are you supposed to do? I guess you can live with it. Maybe a tune can be done to keep the valves open all of the time, unplug vacuum lines or straight pipe it? These are all things I don't particularly want to deal with on a brand new car. Why this car doesn't sound like an EVO or Perf down low is beyond me but I'm sure they have their reasons.

Some have stated that hopefully the car/sound breaks in and gets better. That's not going to happen because of the valve situation. Some also think that exhaust systems break in and get louder with time. This is also a misnomer. Most modern exhausts are made with stainless, inconel, titanium or whatever material and there is nothing to change or "break in" over time. Some might be thinking of old school mufflers that would have fiberglass packing and over time the fiberglass would break down thus making the car louder.

I love the looks of the car as I stated but I can't buy a car based on looks when there are other issues that bother me. Compromising is not a very prudent option in my book. With that said I'm sure this car will make many future owners happy and again it's gorgeous in person.





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